Selectmen’s Meeting Agenda Monday, October 16, 2017

Selectmen’s Meeting Agenda

Monday, October 16, 2017                  

5:00 PM        Selectmen’s Meeting                   

                     17 Bridge Street, Town Hall Conference Room, Colebrook


*Please be advised that this meeting is being audio recorded.  Video recording is also in use in the building.

Minutes of the last meeting(s)


5:00    Semi-Annual Update; Colebrook Mobile Home Cooperative and Roc-NH


Payroll Manifests

Accounts Payable Manifests

Monthly Reconciliation

New Business

Community Facilities Grant (not funded)

NHIT 2018 Insurance Rates.  How to take the return of member contributions?

Additional “shovel ready” water projects for Colebrook

Northern Borders Grant Update—State of NH match

Refund of Planning Board Fees—John Nugent

2018 Town Report.  Who to do?

Town Website—ready to go “live” and abandon old one?

Fairpoint Response to Demand for Payment

Revenues—DRA states that Town “voted” to take in $18,000 revenue for 2017.  Need

          to make that transfer from PDIP account.

New Business

Vote:  Selectmen, as agents to expend from the Colby Street Ditch Capital Reserve Fund, vote to pay over $5,000 to the Town’s General Fund pursuant to warrant article 4 and against expenses for the 2017 fiscal year.

Outstanding Business:

Landfill Building—Rent Increasee

Anya Bent letter regarding water bill

Police Hiring

Fuel Bids

ATV Request Todd Lansford, South Hill Road (map attached)

PFAS Testing at the Landfill--$1,900 estimate Calex. Still want to request a deferral?

PDIP Transfer(s);Reconciliation of water and sewer due to/due froms cash transfer?

CWSRF Loan Priority List—Colebrook #1 $1,960,000

Execution of Tax Deed and Ejectment (non public)

Nadig Request for water abatement

Lease of Bailer to Coos County--October

Deed to Golf Links Road

Capital Improvement Plan

Audit Question—withdraw $30K to cover new SEARCH grant or withdraw from Main

Street Capital Reserve.  We will get a “credit” as loan forgiveness when we close.  Either pay from taxation or cover with a revenue.

For Signature:

NHIT Renewal Package

CMA Contract Amendment




Questions or comments from Public or Press


Next Meeting:                                                

October 18, 2017               Noon Construction Meeting

October 21, 2017               Tax Deed Auction.  Courtroom

October 25, 2017               Noon Construction Meeting

October 26, 2017               6:30 PM School Building Committee Meeting, Elementary School Library

October 30, 2017               1:00 Budget Worksession & Selectmen Meeting (If Necessary)      

November 10, 2017           Veteran’s Day

November 13, 2017           5:00 PM Selectmen Meeting

                                         Interim Financing – Sign papers for 11/17 closing

November 20, 2017           1:00 Budget Worksession & Selectmen Meeting (If Necessary)

November 27, 2017           5:00 PM Selectmen Meeting

December 4, 2017             5:00 PM Selectmen Meeting (Note Date Change)

December 18, 2017           5:00 PM Selectmen Meeting (Note Date Change)

Wednesday, February 7, 2018     6:00 PM Public Budget Hearing at. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018       6:00 PM Second Public Budget Hearing

if necessary.  All meetings are in the conference room at Town Hall with the Hearings in the Court Room. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018            7:00 PM. Town Meeting

$192,571.95  Payment Request 10 Pending


$160,453.58  JP Sicard                           ck 022053     9/5/17

$17,828.18    CWSRF Retainage            ck 022050     9/5/17

$10,822.61    CMA Engineers                 ck 022048     9/5/17 * Short 932.81 Due to

$189,104.37                                           budget transfer being necessary



$152,192.25  JP Sicard

$16,910.25    CWSRF Retainage

$7,697.30      CMA



$288.14 off 


$119,516.48 JP Sicard                           ck, 022209 10/10/17

$13,279.61    Retainage                          ck. 022202 10/10/17

$9,743.31      CMA Engineers                 ck. 022197 10/10/17


Non Public Session under RSA 91-A:3 if necessary  

           Town Manager Evaluation

          Unsealing of Minutes

      *Agenda subject to change