Selectmen’s Meeting Agenda February 20, 2018

Selectmen’s Meeting Agenda

17 Bridge Street

Colebrook, NH  03576—Conference Room


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Noon                                 Note Date & Time Change

*Please be advised that this meeting is being audio recorded.  Video recording is also in use in the building.

Minutes of the last meeting(s)


Sam & Buddy Boudle


Payroll Manifests

Accounts Payable Manifests

New Business

NCCRC Reply letter

LED Lighting Project

Weyerhaeuser Motor Vehicle Over Charge $2 Refund

Chief of Police request to increase vacation accrual

June 4, 2018 Start Date for Main Street Project

Invitation to go to Big Check Signing from the Governor’s Office

RFP/RFQ for Water Meter

QBS Selection for Engineering Firm

Proposal for stairs and side door at Town Hall

Cremation Bill for Indigent Resident

Update on Financials for Main Street—Post Closing

Approve Hydrosource Scope of Work

Outstanding Business:

Magalloway Mountain Tower—Insurance Claim

Bridge Inspection Reports

Sanitary Survey

Gorman Request for Prorated Assessment

Snow and Ice Policy

Next steps:  Wireless Partners Draft Lease

Curb Cuts

ATV Request Todd Langford South Hill Road

PD Warrant Article Full Time Coverage

Plans for Colebrook Academy Building

Welfare Guidelines

Capital Improvement Plan

Hoyle Tanner & Associates Meeting

For Signature:

Sewer Warrant $87,716.32 4th Quarter 2017

Water Warrant $72,684.42 4th Quarter 2017

Appointment of Mary Trask as Library Trustee

Supplemental Tax Bill

Baillargeon, Steve $134.68 Property incorrectly transferred to Town of Colebrook (NTAX)

Water Abatement

Louisette N. Jefffers Tax Map 111-Lot 6 $90.00

Intent to Cut

Laurie Cotnoir; Eric Hartlen Map 213 Lot 9

Jay Weir, Map 242 Lot 019 East Colebrook Road


Questions or comments from Public or Press


Next Meeting:                                                

Meeting Cancelled

February 26, 2018                        5:00 PM Selectmen’s Meeting (Note Date Change for Presidents Day)

                                                   Deadline to Post Budget and Warrant 4:00 PM

March 6, 2018                              Town Report Deadline

March 12, 2018                            5:00 PM Selectmen’s Meeting

Tuesday, March 13, 2018            7:00 PM. Town Meeting—Colebrook Elementary School Gymnasium

March 26, 2018                            5:00 PM Selectmen’s Meeting

April 9,2018                                 5:00 PM Selectmen’s Meeting

April 23, 2018                              5:00 PM Selectmen’s Meeting

Non-Public Session under RSA 91-A:3 if necessary      

*Agenda subject to change