Selectmen’s Meeting Agenda Monday, August 28, 2017

Selectmen’s Meeting Agenda Monday, August 28, 2017 4:00 PM Work session with Water/Sewer to discuss water meter replacement project 5:00 PM Selectmen’s Meeting 17 Bridge Street, Town Hall Conference Room, Colebrook Public Hearing on SB38 and use of Additional Highway Block Grant Funds Public Input: Letters from Sandra Riendeau 6:30 PM Meeting with Attorney (non public) *Please be advised that this meeting is being audio recorded. Video recording is also in use in the building. Minutes of the last meeting(s) Public: Manifests: Payroll Manifests Accounts Payable Manifests Monthly Reconciliation New Business Transfer Station Ordinance—Supervisor Dave Bunnell Meeting regarding Hydrosource Report (Attorney Frizzell) Pichette Refund—Town Clerk Superior Fence Company Bill Future of Dispatch CEDS Committee—Selectmen’s representative? Insurance Claim for grader Vandalism Lightening Strike at the Water Tank MS-1 and MS-1 Comparison PDIP Transfer(s);Reconciliation of water and sewer due to/due froms cash transfer? Documentation for Match for NBRC Grant; Sign Grant Agreement; North Country Council Agreement to Administer the Grant Amendment of the Cross Connection Control Ordinance –Public Hearing Date. Budget schedule & December meeting schedule Concrete Coring Proposal; Town Hall and Main Street Transfer Station—Used Oil Equipment in service Crane & Bell on-site September 8 Letter of Support Indian Stream Outstanding Business: CWSRF Loan Priority List—Colebrook #1 $1,960,000 Boudle water bill—meter was taken out the day of the leak. That is actual usage $10,000. What progress has been made on their $60K project in the park? This is the amount of actual consumption…. Hospital water meter is not working. Unknown if it is lead based. Large diameter. $2-$3K to replace. Average next 2 reads and include with grant. ER Dedication Emery * Garrett Groundwater Investigations LLC report with Underwood Engineers (Hydrosource matter) Execution of Tax Deed and Ejectment (non public) Nadig Request for water abatement Lease of Bailer to Coos County--October Deed to Golf Links Road Moving from Full Accrual to Modified Accrual for Revenues Renewal of Industrial Discharge Permit for Tillotson Polymer. Letter states not in production. Investment and Financial Policies Capital Improvement Plan Alternative Uses for Landfill Building Audit Question—withdraw $30K to cover new SEARCH grant or withdraw from Main Street Capital Reserve. We will get a “credit” as loan forgiveness when we close. Either pay from taxation or cover with a revenue. For Signature: Water Warrant, 2nd issue 2017 $92,313.00 (to replace previously signed $82,389 voided) Contract for mowing at Tax Deeded Properties ($10 hr. Vershire) Abatement: 2017 2nd issue water bill 9 High Street $60 and 60 Pleasant Street $60 Supplemental: Correspondence: Questions or comments from Public or Press Next Meeting: August 30, 2017 Noon Construction Meeting September 7, 2017 Noon Construction Meeting September 11, 2017 5:00 PM Selectmen’s Meeting (Sam Boudle water Bill) September 13, 2017 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM Emergency Management Class— Update from Colebrook Mobile Home Cooperative (Derek) Tillotson Performance Polymers update for Industrial Discharge Permit September 14, 2017 Noon Construction Meeting September 21, 2017 Noon Construction Meeting September 25, 2017 5:00 PM Selectmen’s Meeting September 28, 2017 Noon Construction Meeting October 2, 2017 Selectmen (note date change) October 16, 2017 Selectmen (note date change) October 21, 2017 Tax Deed Auction. Courtroom October 30, 2017 Tentative—Selectmen Meeting Crisis Leadership & Decision Making. Courtroom; date pending Budget meetings—Dates? First or 2nd week of November Loan closings Non Public Session under RSA 91-A:3 if necessary Town Manager Evaluation Unsealing of Minutes *Agenda subject to change Main Street Project—2017 Financials Construction Punch List Letters to Lazerworks Baptist Church Gerard Winn Gagne Easement & Water Test Trimble for Pipe Locator Library Service Connection—Front of building? Crushed Sewer Line at Funeral Home--Resolved Funeral Home—no water line easement. Melissa Shaw—grade stakes on lawn? Protect Flowers at South Main Street Island 2017 Main Street Financials Balance Forward* Unaudited Total CWSRF CMA Other $3,785.82 $3,467.58 $318.24(Frank’s Linestriping) DWSRF