OHRV/ATV/UTV Permits are now available at the Town of Colebrook Town Offices.

The Permit will allow the bearer to operate and OHRV/ATV/UTV from the lot designated on the Permit along the Town Street and/or Road to and from the nearest designated and established Trail Access Point, and no further on said Town Street and/or Road.

All permit applications must be signed off by the Town Selectboard.

The full ordinance is posted on the website.  IF you are a property owner who rents out for vacation rentals or a business that rents ATV’s, etc.  You must obtain permits for your assigned vehicles.

Trail Maps are available through the Metallak ATV Club P.O. Box 318 Colebrook, NH  03576 or

Any questions, contact the Town offices at 603-237-4142.