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Nominate Citizen of the Year

Colebrook Citizen-of-the-Year Award

The Colebrook Board of Selectmen is requesting nominations for Citizen-of-the-Year Award. Deadline for nominations is Tuesday, February 15, 2022, by 4 p.m.  The Selectmen will present the award at the annual town meeting on Tuesday, March 8, 2022. The board thanks you for your time and effort in the endeavor to reward a Colebrook Citizen for going above and beyond in Community Services.

The Purposes:

To honor and identify exceptional service by an individual that has positively contributed to live in this community during the previous or current year, but also be a result of cumulative years and activities.

The Criteria:

Criteria should stress how the individual’s volunteer efforts benefited the quality of life within this community, and describe how the nominee displayed exemplary:

  • Commitment
  • Support
  • Leadership
  • Outreach to other citizens
  • Desire to make a positive impact in their community
  • Recipients should be residents of Colebrook
  • Service must be such that it influenced the success of activities
  • Affecting the welfare of this community
  • Individuals should be cited for activities outside those duties
  • Connected with his or her employment
  • Nominations should include a thorough background of the volunteer service rendered
  • Nominees shall not be precluded from consideration based on sex, ethnicity, political affiliation or employment