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Dog License

Each dog over four months old must be licensed by its owner or keeper prior to April 30 of each year.  The license is effective May 1 to April 30 of the subsequent year.  Proof of updated rabies vaccination must be presented at the time of licensing.  Any person who keeps five or more dogs may apply for a group license.  Verification must be furnished that each dog has been vaccinated against rabies.

Male or Female Dog - $9.00
Spayed or Neutered Dog - $6.50 (Please bring proof of spaying or neutering)
Puppy - Under 7 months of age - $6.50
1st Dog owned by a Senior Citizen - $2.00
Group License (5 or more dogs) - $20.00

In addition to the license fees listed above, there is a charge of $1.00 for each month or any part thereof that the fees remain unpaid, if they are not paid before June 1 in any year.

Please note, it is the responsibility of the town clerk to give the governing body a list of those owners who have failed to license or renew their pet's license by June 20.  A warrant is then prepared directing the law enforcement officer to issue a civil forfeiture of $25.00 for each unlicensed dog.  If the forfeiture is not paid within 15 calendar days, then a summons to municipal or district court shall be issued.  This forfeiture is in addition to any required licensing fees and/or late charges.