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Bruce Beasley, Superintendent of Schools
21 Academy Street
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Colebrook Elementary School - In 1999-2000, the townspeople of Colebrook agreed to build a a new complex on the grounds purchased from the Sisters of Our Lady of Grace in 1971.  This new complex replaced the grammar school originally built by the nuns in 1949, but incorporated the high school portion and gym completed in 1963.  Included in the construction was a new wing and other new rooms, including an Art room, two Music rooms, new locker rooms and a complete new administrative wing. Today the complex houses approximately 270 students in Kindergarten through Grade 8.  It contains an in-house cafeteria.  Its gym is used extensively for basketball games, graduations, the annual town elections and meeting, as well as other public meetings.  Kindergarten became a full day program in 2012.  A Pre-Kindergarten program was added in 2011.  This building is also designated as the Emergency Management Shelter for the Town of Colebrook.

SUN 9298

Colebrook Academy -
 In 1849, the present location of Colebrook Academy was adopted and a two-story structure with large assembly hall completed in 1852.  It remained a private school until 1889, consisting of mostly local youngsters who paid tuition.  In 1911, the old building was moved from its foundation and a new brick building was erected in its place.  No major changes occurred until 1952 when a new brick agricultural building was completed.  In 1959, to accommodate the expanding student load, a new wing was built on the southeast end of the Academy.  Major renovations occurred in 1991 when the large study hall was made into classrooms, the wooden stairs were replaced with steel and an elevator was installed to accommodate any handicapped person.