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The Board of Selectmen for the Town of Colebrook decided in late 2006 to institute a Citizen of the Year award. The award would be given to an individual in recognition of his or her outstanding contribution directly to the Town of Colebrook during the prior or current year, but could also be a result of cumulative years and activities. The purpose was to honor and identify exceptional service by an individual that had positively contributed to improving the quality of life in the community. Criteria should stress the individual’s volunteer efforts that improved or benefited the quality of life within the community. Exemplary characteristics could include commitment, support, leadership, outreach to other citizens. The recipient must be a resident of Colebrook, cited for activities outside duties connected to their employment. The service would be such that it influenced the success of activities affecting the welfare of the community. An ad is placed in the paper each January requesting nominations, along with a description of the volunteer services rendered. The nomination can be made by an individual or organization. The selection is made by the Board of Selectmen and remains secret until announced at Town Meeting where the recipient is given a plaque of recognition.

The recipients to date have been:

⦁ 2007- Donald Dickson – For his outstanding leadership, volunteerism and making Colebrook a better place to live.
⦁ 2008 – Granvyl “Bud” Hulse – The town’s “self-appointed Town Meddler”, for “daring to ask the questions the rest of us wanted to.”
⦁ 2009 – Brad Brooks – For his many acts of kindness to one and all, always accomplished with respect and little fanfare.

⦁ 2010 – Karen Harrigan Ladd – For her love of the community and having her finger on the pulse of the town, exhibited through her direct and indirect volunteerism.
⦁ 2011- Roland Cotnoir – For touching the lives of many, in all areas, over a number of years, always with a deep conviction of duty to the community.
⦁ 2012 – No Nominations
⦁ 2013 – Larry Rappaport – For his years of dedication to the town, exhibited by serving as a volunteer on numerous committees and boards, cumulating as our state representative.
⦁ 2014 – Marie Gorman & Solange Hebert – A dynamic, industrious, sister duo, who have exhibited pride in all they do, whether beautifying the town through the Garden Club or offering guidance and comfort in their numerous volunteer capacities, to include at least 75 years of combined service as election officials.
⦁ 2015 – Sheila Beauchemin – Love and interest in town, wealth of knowledge, and willingness to go the extra length to get answers to questions.
⦁ 2016 – (Two given)
⦁ Dana Bartlett – Assistance to numerous organizations throughout the years
⦁ Lindy & John Falconer – Many years of service with Key Club & School Board
⦁ 2017 – No Citizen of the Year award. Certificate of Appreciations were given to four Colebrook Academy students: Mckenna Hibbard, Cody Rainville, Caden Freggeau, and Brandon Wheeler. These four students did a tremendous job helping design signs to put around the town urging community members not to litter, in addition to completing a large amount of litter clean-up themselves. They also created a video, which has gone viral, that shows the damage litter can do to the environment and animals.
2018 – Clay Hinds – Nominated by a young man, suffering from cystic fibrosis, who stated his life was bettered thanks to Clay, over the years, helping to create and fund the Annual Cystic Fibrosis Snowmobile Ride, especially for him. Noted for being involved in a multitude of civic organizations, always helping promote and create, Clay’s only request for payment was a “hug and a handshake.”
2019 – George Gooch – Exceptional service,commitment,support, leadership, outreach to other citizens and a desire to make a positive impact on our community.
2020 – No award given.
2021 – David Collins – Who knows our town and its history better than, perhaps, the rest of us and shares it weekly in historical pieces in the Colebrook Chronicle.
2021 – First Young Citizen of the Year Award – Jessica Falconer who has spent numerous hours working in service organizations, approaching the most tedious tasks with a positive attitude
2022 – No award given..
2023 – Millard “Woody” Crawford – The go-to-guy for many years for putting up the Main  Street welcome banners and lighting the town Christmas tree; retired NH Electric Co-op lineman and active Kiwanian to include setting up the new skating rink in the winter of 2022-23.
2024 – Brad Sheltry – If you look up the words hard working, committed, dedicated, determined and volunteer, you will find Brad’s  name.  He has helped out his town, community and  fellow citizens over the years with countless volunteer hours with the Jaycees, Kiwanis and the Colebrook Fire Department.