Fire Department


Chief David Woodard

18 Pleasant Street
Colebrook, NH 03576

Phone: (603) 237-5798

In 1880, the fire wardens were instructed to form a fire company not to exceed 40 members and to promise to pay them $5 each for one year’s service. Today you will find approximately 30 volunteer fireman on the roster, ready to answer the call whenever the tone is sounded. They proudly serve towns in two states, including Colebrook, Columbia, Stewartstown, Dixville, Canaan, Lemington and Bloomfield, Vermont. Mutual aid and station back-up is provided as requested for surrounding communities, including townships in Quebec, Canada.

The scope of fire fighting has changed in the last few years and includes rescuing victims from drowning and responding to recreational vehicle accidents, as well as providing assistance to the 45th Parallel EMS. The Colebrook Village Fire Precinct has included the following in its arsenal of equipment to be ready for any event: an aerial ladder truck; two engines, one tank truck, one rescue truck, ice rescue boat, jaws of life and accessories, rescue sled and snow machine, trailer and ATV.