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George Colebrooke

The first street lamp was erected in Colebrook in 1876.

The first automatic voltage regulator in the world was invented and patented by Phil & Allen Terrill of Colebrook 1898.

Both Diamond Ponds were named for Isaac Diamond, who shot a bull moose in that area in 1778, only wounding the moose. The moose in turn chased Mr. Diamond & almost tore his clothes off. Mr. Diamond was able to reload & kill the moose.

Until the railroad came to Colebrook in 1887, the stagecoach was the main form of transportation to Colebrook.

The first sidewalks in Colebrook were put down in 1876, & were wooden.

The first log drive on the Connecticut River was in 1868, & the last long log drive was in 1915.

The Coos Trail was built in 1803, from Colebrook through Dixville Notch and along the ancient trail of the Abenaki Indians to Errol. In Errol, the trail met the Coos Road of Maine, completed in 1802.

Beaver Brook Falls is one of the North Country’s most scenic areas. The falls cascade over the 75-foot-high rocks and ledges. Some old-timers have stated that the Indians worshipped the falls, but there is no known source to verify this statement. For many years the Colebrook Kiwanis Club has maintained the Beaver Brook Falls Picnic Area.

Trotting Park was located in Colebrook on the land where the Upper Connecticut Valley hospital was built.